Thought, Ideas, stories, ranting, boredom, and misspelled words...

"One day I will unfurl my wings... and BEAT you with them!!

25 May 1985
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As far as describtion, I am a petite, blonde, 25, happily married, and very active, or I try to be anyway. I work full-time as a paralegal, keep my husband happy, and keep my house clean...and still find time to see family and friends.

I keep a regular journal that I actually write in. But I always seem to get the best ideas when I am at work when I am unable to leave the desk and go write, I hope to keep my ideas and thoughts here so that I have them down and they aren't just forgotten. I keep dream journals, story idea books. I write about pretty much anything that interests me. I have several stories going with several people and on my own. I have my own book started but I don't ever plan to publish it. It has too much of myself in it.

I like hearing other peoples opinions if they are not too pushy about them, I like talking to people with simular interests. I am very friendly and like to have people to talk to on sites like this to abort the boredom that seems to live at my job...